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In Singapore, 1.76 million tonnes of plastic waste is dumped each year. Our only landfill will be full by 2035. 

When recycled, most food-grade packaging waste is "downcycled", where high-value materials are recycled into low-value products such as road materials.

In Singapore, just 6% of plastic was recycled in 2022.


PlasticsLoop is tackling Singapore’s plastic waste problem by purchasing plastic PET recyclate and recycling it into NEWPlastic — Singapore’s first food-grade recycled plastic that is more sustainable, and recycled cost-effectively.


We manufacture commoditised food-grade raw materials as well as end products (e.g. bottles, preforms) for packaging producers and consumer companies.

What we're doing

Advancing our Circular Model

We’re on a mission to reduce waste and virgin resource use — one bottle at a time. 

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Singapore's first circular plastic packaging

We're collecting plastic recyclate through 2 main sources:

  1. Packaging waste from NEA-F&N Recycle-N-Save RVMs and

  2. Processed RPET recyclate from certified recyclers in Southeast Asia


We've successfully produced the first trial batch of packaging using F&N-NEA recyclate.

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